A Gab with Gabe: being 2-Spirit, decolonization, and more!

This week, Terrence talks with Gabe Calderón about their upcoming book, and about decolonization, being 2-Spirit, and more!! To connect with Gabe: @nishingabe on socials, and their website is: https://www.mokinanconsulting.com/our-team To donate to the community fridge/find more info: @community.fridge.yeg To help Q raise money for a new wheelchair: @qjusttheletter, check the link in bio Be sure to follow us wherever you get your podcasts, we're @gaywirecjsr on Insta/Tiktok, and @gaywire on facebook/twitter Stay tuned! :)

Creators and Guests

Terrence Adams
Host, Reporter, and Producer for CJSR's Gaywire (2020-)