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Bathrooms and Theatre

This week, Artemis speaks with actors Monica Gate, and Aldynne Belmonte, and writer Daniel Halpern about their heavily Queer play “The Immaculate Perfection of F**king and Bleeding in the Gender Neutral Bathroom of an Upper-Middle Class High School,” which is currently in its world premiere! for more info https://www.facebook.com/bodycubearts/ Are you excited for Summer vacation? Or are you transgender and don't know what kind of swimwear you'll have to wear at the lake? Well if you ever wanted to hear ramblings from people who feel the exact same way, why not tune into Gaywire on CJSR 88.5 FM every Thursday from 6pm to 7pm, or listen more conveniently wherever you get your podcasts. And for more news and updates follow us on Instagram @Gaywirecjsr. Until next week, keep it breezy, and please stay on the line.

Briteline and SemiSweet Treats!

This week, Terrence Adams speaks with Fenne Nelson and Glynnis Lieb about Briteline, Edmonton's 2SLGBTQIA+ specific distress line. Need to call? 1-844-702-7483 for access to a crisis counselor, along with the potential for referrals to other community supports. Then, hear from Victoria Fehr as they explain how they combine their love of baking with their passion for mental health adovacy, and how the two are not as separate as you may think! They're @semisweet.gf on Instagram, be sure to check them out! Also, be sure to visit out Linktree to access Q's wheelchar fundraiser!! @gaywirecjsr on Instagram. thanks for listening :)

PRIDE: St Albert

This week, Terrence talks with Kelsey Robbins about St. Albert Pride, which will be on June 18 in Rotary Park.

(Q)ueercrip and DJ Pt III

DJ = Disability Justice. This episode is a special one just for the podcast feeds, Terrence talks with Q Lawrence about MAiD and Bill C7 as it stands today, along with all things crip, queer, and in between. Be sure to donate to Q's fundraiser, and to check out disibilityfilibuster.ca for more information. (I don't think the transcript is working yet I apologize I'm trying)

Re:Construct (and later get smutty)

This Week, Terrence speaks with Even Gilchrist and Sarah J Culkin about Re:Construct, a play about masculinity, and transness, and the ideal self, and then Sarah sticks around to talk about Smut Nite, Smut Nite is a kink-positive, body-positive, trans celebratory, and deliberately queered space, 18+ and sexy as all hell.

(Q)ueercrip and DJ: Q Lawrence Part II

This week, Terrence and Q talk queerness, disability, gender, ableism, MAID, hope, care, and more.

(Q)ueercrip and DJ: Q Lawrence Part 1

This week, we revisit Q Lawrence in preparation for an updated interview!! Terrence and Q talk queercrip, disability justice, and how queer and trans folks are inherently connected to Bill c7. Q: @qjusttheletter Gaywire: @gaywirecjsr stay tuned for more prairie queer content!

Somatic Gendering Practices Pt 2

This week, we hear part 2 of Terrence Adams' interview with Ro Rose (@somaticgendering) and Kota Rook (@soulskin.somatics) about somatic gendering practices. Listen to our show to learn more about it!

Somatic Gendering Practices Pt 1

This week, Terrence Adams talks with Ro Rose (@somaticgendering) and Kota Rook (@soulskin.somatics) about somatic gendering practices. Listen to our show to learn more about it! Be sure to catch part 2 next week!

Chubby Fem Thrift's London Blackwood

This week, Terrence speaks with London Blackwood about their work as a plus sized online femme thrift store, along with activism work both through art and organizing with Shades of Colour yeg. Be sure to follow London on their socials, @chubbyfemme, @chubbyfemthrift and @shadesofcolouryeg on Instagram. Follow us on Instagram @gaywirecjsr Be sure to subscribe to us on your fav podcasting platform and we'll blow you a friendly kiss through the airwaves maybe. Stay tuned for more prairie queer content!! Donate to Q: @qjusttheletter on instagram

Pass Me By: Queer Storytelling

This week, Artemis talks with Kat Simmers and Ryan Danny Owens about trans things, queer things, but mostly writing things. Kat and Ryan have created a graphic novel series together, so that's what this is really about. Be sure to follow us on socials: @gaywirecjsr Follow us wherever you get your podcasts!!

Taking Care of Ourselves and Others II

This week Terrence continues talking with Bri Bucalo about self-care while caring for others. :)

Taking Care of Ourselves and Others Pt I

This week, Terrence talks with Bri Bucalo about boundaries, taking care of ourselves so we can take care of others, and more! Be sure to catch part 2 next week!


Happy St. Paddy's day! On today's episode we learn; St. Paddy was a bad dude. Julek Ravanello speaks to our reporter Artemis about Irish Paganism. Particularly Julek touches on its history, how it has changed over time, modern day religion, as well as a story for our listeners. Make sure to check out Winterruption fest in Edmonton! Starting on the 27th, with the last event on the 9th. Get tickets and info at https://www.winterruptionyeg.com/ and maybe you'll see a Gaywire crew member! Need your daily fix of Queer content? Well you're already here my friend, so no need to search. We release episodes every Thursday wherever you get your podcasts and tune into us on the radio on CJSR 88.5 FM every Thursday at 6pm. It's like drugs but healthier!

Sticking Up for Justice

This week, join Terrence as they speak with the anonymous @stickingup.yeg about activism, their work, and more! Then, catch an exclusive breakdown of Nia Simone Mcleod's Article on self care and activism with Terrence and Biddie Jinkles (aka Blue, their golden retriever). Like what you hear? Want to hear more? Head on over to our socials, and check out all our previous episodes!! @gaywirecjsr on insta/tiktok, and @gaywire for twitter/facebook thx besties

Fruity Lil Star: Cherri Satin

Hey there gays and theys, join Terrence as they talk with another lovely local hyperpop artist (who also does drag!!) about song inspiration, gender euphoria, and how being nonbinary confuses the heck out of people who have crushes on you. Be sure to tune in live on Thursdays 88.5 FM in so-called Edmonton on Treaty 6 Territory and Region 4 of the Metis Nation of Alberta, and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts! Stay tuned!!

The Kenney Legacy Ft.Taylor Lambert

Today Artemis speaks with Taylor Lambert, a freelance journalist from Calgary; You probably heard a while ago that Jason Kenney compared the stigma around unvaccinated people to the stigma towards LGBTQ+ persons during the AIDS epidemic, and while that's old news, it's still an important topic. Taylor wrote, in advance of the 2019 election, a piece on Jason Kenney's time in San Francisco in the 80s and 90s whereupon Taylor made some discoveries. Make sure to listen to find out how your Premier and mine spent his youth. Stressed out about the incoming disasters at our doorstep? Lighten up a little, put your feet up, listen to Gaywire. Our current team has been working on the Gaywire podcast for over a year now so there's plenty of content to distract from the political tension at home and overseas. Want to get that retro vibe all the kids have these days? Tune in on your radio! Pull out your boombox or stereo and turn the channel to CJSR 88.5 FM, where you can catch Gaywire every Thursday at 6pm.

A Gab with Gabe: being 2-Spirit, decolonization, and more!

This week, Terrence talks with Gabe Calderón about their upcoming book, and about decolonization, being 2-Spirit, and more!! To connect with Gabe: @nishingabe on socials, and their website is: https://www.mokinanconsulting.com/our-team To donate to the community fridge/find more info: @community.fridge.yeg To help Q raise money for a new wheelchair: @qjusttheletter, check the link in bio Be sure to follow us wherever you get your podcasts, we're @gaywirecjsr on Insta/Tiktok, and @gaywire on facebook/twitter Stay tuned! :)

Conversion therapy: Kevin Schultz

On this episode reporter Shanil conducts his first interview with Conversion Therapy survivor Kevin Schultz, who describes his time going through the act that is now criminalized in Canada. Schultz speaks about his strange experiences through the unproven practices that were done to him, as well as the LGBTQ community in the Featured here also is a Homotextuals segment conducted by Shanil. Almost Valentine's day and you still don't have a date? Same. But at least we can both listen to Gaywire on CJSR 88.5 FM every thursday at 6 pm, that should make up for all these years of loveless existence right? RIGHT? If not, following @Gaywire on facebook and twitter and @Gaywirecjsr on instagram and tiktok ought to do it. And then if that doesn't work.... well joining the Gaywire crew as a host, reporter, producer, editor, segment producer, or DJ might help, I hear they're recruiting right now. And then if none of those work then there's always next year. Crisis line: 416-408-4357 Distress line: 780-482-4357

Muxedad: outside the binary (CJSR Radio Special feature)

In this episode, a special story comes to us from Charlotte Mitchell and Andrea Alvarez, who speak to Damian and Katya Salas on Mexico's so-called third gender, Muxes, and "How Muxeidad is challenging colonial frameworks in Mexico. Damian, who identifies as Muxe, shares their story about what it means to be Muxe, the challenges they overcome, and the beauty of their traditions." Also featured in this episode is a homotextual segment from the Magical Shanil. So it's the new year, eh? They say it's unhealthy to be making goals like; lose more weight, make more money, slay more goblins, etc. Wanna know a good resolution? Tuning into Gaywire on CJSR 88.5 FM in So-called Edmonton, every Thursday from 6 to 7, and following @gaywire on Twitter and Facebook as well as @gaywirecjsr on Instagram. There, new years saved, keep it breezy y'all.

2 Spirit Tattoos

This week, Terrence Speaks with Ashleigh Cardinal about their traditional tattoo practice. Stay tuned for more prarie queer content! Instagram/tiktok : @gaywirecjsr Facebook/twitter : @gaywire Be sure to follow us wherever you get your podcasts!

The Year in Interviews

This week, the team at Gaywire is taking a much-needed break from chasing new stories and sharing some of our favourites! Join Terrence as they take you down memory lane, hearing from Riley Laurel (Riley Laurel Bourdoir on Facebook), August Montgomery (@cactus_curls on Instagram), and Q Lawrence (@qjusttheletter on insta). To help out Q with wheelchair costs, check out their insta! Also, check out @community.fridge.yeg on Instagram to find out how you can donate! Be sure to follow us on all your fav podcast platforms, and stay tuned for lots of prarie queer content coming your way! Instagram/Tiktok: @gaywirecjsr Facebook/Twitter: @gaywire

Matthew and the Keys (Holiday Re-issue)

This week Artemis er- uh i mean Santa (they/them) will be hosting a re-issue of Terrence's interview with Matthew Aklpu, where they discuss Matthew's latest release Victory, how the duo came to be, and everything in between. Featuring a choppily done Christmisafied version of the Gaywire intro. Struggling to find someone to kiss on New Year's eve? Well I can't help you there kid, but you can help us by sharing Gaywire with your friends and family, and that cutie you've been staring at who you're hoping will read your mind and fall in love with you. Maybe next year!

LGBTs from the 1970s Pt.II

This is the second part of Terrence's interview with Mardi Pieronick. Mardi, who transitioned in 1977, spoke with Terrence about her experiences throughout her life, and what it was like for a trans woman throughout the past 5 decades. Featuring a happy holiday homotextuals segment featuring special guest Terrence Adams. Christmas dinner cranberry sauce not fruity enough for you? We here at Gaywire have all the Gay Holiday content you need. And since it is the eve of Christmas eve, why not give the gift of Gaywire to a friend or family member, on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever they get their podcasts. Just remember to stay breezy, leave the dinner table if you feel queasy, and, please stay on the line.

LGBTs from the 1970s

Mardi Pieronick is a woman who transitioned in 1977 who spoke with Terrence on today's episode. She recounts stories from her life and how being queer has affected her throughout the past 40 years. From modeling to punk Mardi has been through a lot in the past few decades. Featured as well is a homotextuals segment from our very own Shanil. Need a break from Christmas Music? Download Gaywire, where we have our gay apparel donned all throughout the year. And if you don't have an aux cord to plug your phone in with, you can tune into Gaywire on Thursdays at 6 pm on CJSR 88.5 FM. Merry Christmas y'all, keep it breezy as always.

Secret life of Furries

What's up dog? Well, I don't know what's up with you. But what's up with Terrence is that he interviewed Jasper/Ranger, a local Furry who explains his experiences and gives us the listeners a look into the furry community, and what it was like for Jasper to find Ranger within himself. If you like Gaywire and the queer content you put out, make sure to download our podcast wherever you listen to it, follow us on social media (facebook and twitter @gaywire and on Instagram and tik tok @gaywirecjsr) and to tune into us on the radio at 6 pm on thursdays on 88.5 FM where you can catch our exclusive Queerjays segment. Until next week, keep it breezy.

RERUN: A Queer Sort of History

This week we revisit Erin Gallagher-Cohoon's research into queer parenting in Canada. Terrence also gives you some local businesses top support, and Shanil shares some book recommendations! Be sure to follow us wherever you get your podcasts, and follow us on Instagram and tiktok @gaywirecjsr. You can also follow us on twitter and facebook @gaywire. rest is just as important, if not more important than the work you do. go to cjsr.com to donate and you'll stop losing socks!

Local artist Liv Mcrobbie

This week, Terrence talked with local artist Liv McRobbie about the intersections between transness and creation, along with talking about her newest album, Lilith. Be sure to catch us live on Thursdays from 6-7 pm on CJSR 88.5 FM. and to subscribe to us wherever you get your podcasts. And hey, why don’t you share Gaywire with your loved ones, you can bring us up at awkward dinners, boring get-togethers, and intimate moments! We’ve got plenty more cool prairie queer content coming your way… so please stay on the line! Distress Line: 780-482-4357 (HELP) Health link: 811 Stay safe everyone.

Zia Mizera: 1 song, 24 hours

Zia Mizera is a local Edmonton artist who spoke with Terrence about mental health and the tolls that working in the music business can have, as well as the intricacies of song-making. Also featured in this episode: A short interview about a community fridge outside Earth's general store. Be sure to tune into gaywire live on cjsr 88.5 FM in so-called Edmonton, and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts! also follow us on social media!! @gaywire on Facebook/twitter and @gaywirecjsr on Instagram and tiktok. And also be sure to mention us to your friends' friend who you met at a party but can't quite remember the name of but you're pretty sure starts with an E.

Local Artist: Ron Morrera

This week, Terrence talks with local pop musician Ron Morrara about their inspiration, origin story, and hopes for the future, along with relationship drama!! Be sure to follow us wherever you get your podcasts, and follow our socials @gaywire on FAcebook and Twitter and @gaywirecjsr on Instagram and Tiktok. Until next week, keep it breezy!