Artemis on the Scene: St. Albert Pride

Artemis is back on the scene at St. Albert Pride 2022. Vendors, artists, and bears, oh my. Listen to the riveting 1 to 4 minute conversations with the ne'er do wells Artemis now calls her friends. Thank you to Outloud St. Albert for hosting the event. Wish you could listen to a couple genderqueer goofballs mess around in your general area? Then you probably otta check out Gaywire on CJSR 88.5 FM every Thursday at 6pm. Follow us @Gaywire or @Gaywirecjsr, depending on the social media site, 50/50 chance (we're not responsible for anything you might see if it's the wrong account) and stay tuned for more "Artemis on the Scene" because we'll be doing Sled Island episodes until the end of August.

Creators and Guests

Terrence Adams
Host, Reporter, and Producer for CJSR's Gaywire (2020-)