Bathrooms and Theatre

This week, Artemis speaks with actors Monica Gate, and Aldynne Belmonte, and writer Daniel Halpern about their heavily Queer play “The Immaculate Perfection of F**king and Bleeding in the Gender Neutral Bathroom of an Upper-Middle Class High School,” which is currently in its world premiere! for more info Are you excited for Summer vacation? Or are you transgender and don't know what kind of swimwear you'll have to wear at the lake? Well if you ever wanted to hear ramblings from people who feel the exact same way, why not tune into Gaywire on CJSR 88.5 FM every Thursday from 6pm to 7pm, or listen more conveniently wherever you get your podcasts. And for more news and updates follow us on Instagram @Gaywirecjsr. Until next week, keep it breezy, and please stay on the line.

Creators and Guests

Terrence Adams
Host, Reporter, and Producer for CJSR's Gaywire (2020-)