Happy St. Paddy's day! On today's episode we learn; St. Paddy was a bad dude. Julek Ravanello speaks to our reporter Artemis about Irish Paganism. Particularly Julek touches on its history, how it has changed over time, modern day religion, as well as a story for our listeners. Make sure to check out Winterruption fest in Edmonton! Starting on the 27th, with the last event on the 9th. Get tickets and info at and maybe you'll see a Gaywire crew member! Need your daily fix of Queer content? Well you're already here my friend, so no need to search. We release episodes every Thursday wherever you get your podcasts and tune into us on the radio on CJSR 88.5 FM every Thursday at 6pm. It's like drugs but healthier!

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Terrence Adams
Host, Reporter, and Producer for CJSR's Gaywire (2020-)