Muxedad: outside the binary (CJSR Radio Special feature)

In this episode, a special story comes to us from Charlotte Mitchell and Andrea Alvarez, who speak to Damian and Katya Salas on Mexico's so-called third gender, Muxes, and "How Muxeidad is challenging colonial frameworks in Mexico. Damian, who identifies as Muxe, shares their story about what it means to be Muxe, the challenges they overcome, and the beauty of their traditions." Also featured in this episode is a homotextual segment from the Magical Shanil. So it's the new year, eh? They say it's unhealthy to be making goals like; lose more weight, make more money, slay more goblins, etc. Wanna know a good resolution? Tuning into Gaywire on CJSR 88.5 FM in So-called Edmonton, every Thursday from 6 to 7, and following @gaywire on Twitter and Facebook as well as @gaywirecjsr on Instagram. There, new years saved, keep it breezy y'all.

Creators and Guests

Terrence Adams
Host, Reporter, and Producer for CJSR's Gaywire (2020-)