The Kenney Legacy Ft.Taylor Lambert

Today Artemis speaks with Taylor Lambert, a freelance journalist from Calgary; You probably heard a while ago that Jason Kenney compared the stigma around unvaccinated people to the stigma towards LGBTQ+ persons during the AIDS epidemic, and while that's old news, it's still an important topic. Taylor wrote, in advance of the 2019 election, a piece on Jason Kenney's time in San Francisco in the 80s and 90s whereupon Taylor made some discoveries. Make sure to listen to find out how your Premier and mine spent his youth. Stressed out about the incoming disasters at our doorstep? Lighten up a little, put your feet up, listen to Gaywire. Our current team has been working on the Gaywire podcast for over a year now so there's plenty of content to distract from the political tension at home and overseas. Want to get that retro vibe all the kids have these days? Tune in on your radio! Pull out your boombox or stereo and turn the channel to CJSR 88.5 FM, where you can catch Gaywire every Thursday at 6pm.

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Terrence Adams
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